Do Not Staple: Knitting Marathon - Training

I am attempting to break the Guinness World Record for, "longest scarf knit whilst running a marathon".

I will make the attempt at the Kansas City Marathon October 19th, 2013.

I need your help. -David

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Training Progess

I can do it! My latest training runs indicate that I can get a sufficient length of scarf in the time allotted. I am consistently knitting up to 20 inches per hour. It is reasonable to expect that I could knit up to an 8 foot scarf over the course of 6 hours.

Knitting and Running Video

The video has been moved to my Media page along with new videos!
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Oct. 12th Outdoor run, knitting, 11 miles average 10 minute miles. Wind made the scarf difficult to manage. I knit the same amount as the 9th, but it took 20 minutes longer. See the head-mount video on the media page, or watch it here: link to the video on Youtube.

image of 10-9-13 knitting

Oct. 9th Treadmill 9.2 miles in 92 minutes, 10 minute miles. Draped over my giant ampersand. I took some very shaky video of this run.

Oct. 7th Treadmill 4 miles in 30 minutes, 7 1/2 minute miles.

Oct. 5th Half Marathon. I did the "Run the Burg" half marathon in Warrensburg, MO while knitting a half scarf.

image of knitting while running a half marathon image after running and knitting during a half marathon
image of scarf

The scarf is 7 1/2 feet measured flat and 8 1/2 hanging by its own weight. I did pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. This scarf had only 15 stitches instead of the full 30. It was a good test of my equipment, including the new gopro camera. The video is hard to watch, but it works. I did an average of 9 1/2 minute miles, finishing around 2 hours 6 minutes. See the news here: Run the Burg, Half Marathon

image of 10-2-13 knitting

Oct. 2nd 94 minutes 9.4 miles, two balls of yarn.

Sept 30th Pleasant day outside, run no knit. One hour, maybe 7 miles.

image of 9-28 knitting

Sept 28th Treadmill run 6mph (10 minute miles) 10.1 miles in 101 minutes knit 2 full balls. Length is 8 foot 9 inches. This is a half scarf, half the required 30 stitches per row. This is a completely new scarf from the one knitted for the videos the day before. I will keep this scarf knit to give as a "gift" in exchange for donations.

Sept 27th I made new videos today with filming help from my wife. I will post them soon. It was a lot of start and stop knitting and running. Probably 5 miles total.

image of 9-24 knitting

Sept 24th This is from a treadmill run 6mph (10 minute miles) 9 miles in 90 minutes knit almost 2 full balls. Length is about 41 inches. This is my first time using LionBrand HomeTown 100% acrylic yarn. Cheap stuff that comes in lots of bright colors. It only has 81 yards per skein, so it runs out quicker. This is also my first time switching yarns while running.

image of David after color run

Sept 21st Color Run on UCM campus. Slow fun run with my wife, no knitting. 5K, 31 minutes.

Sept 20th Treadmill run without knitting 11.3 miles in 1 hour 30 minutes.

image of 9-18 knitting

Sept 18th This is from a treadmill run 6mph (10 minute miles) 7 miles in 70 minutes knit out the full ball. Length is 31 - 33 inches. After taking a photo of each run's knitting I unwind it back into a ball. My daughter is getting frustrated because she wants the partial scarf I knit each time. Reusing the same yarn over and over is making the yarn a little fuzzy, but it's thrifty.

Sept 16th Treadmill run without knitting 10 miles in 1 hour 18 minutes.

image of 9-18 knitting

Sept 14th This is from an outside run average 6mph (10 minute miles) 8 miles in 80 minutes knit out the full ball. I just ran until the yarn ran out. Length is 31 - 33 inches, width is 19 -20 inches ( some variation depending on how it is stretched ).

image of knitting measured

The following image shows knitting done while running for one hour. Currently I can do around 23 inches in an hour.