Do Not Staple: Knitting Marathon - The Record

I am attempting to break the Guinness World Record for, "longest scarf knit whilst running a marathon".

I will make the attempt at the Kansas City Marathon October 19th, 2013.

I need your help. -David

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The Record

The Current Record

On April 21st, 2013, then 55-years-old Susie Hewer ran the Virgin London Marathon in 5:54:23 while knitting a scarf 2.05 metres (6 feet 8 inches) long. This was Mrs. Hewer's 3rd marathon scarf. She knits and runs to raise awarness and funds for Alzheimer's research in the UK. A link to Mrs. Hewer's blog about her run

The Record Attempt

David's application for an official record attempt with Guinness World Records has been accepted. Claim ID #432480. The record attempt requires the following:

  1. Start knitting after crossing the starting line.
  2. Size 15 US needles max (10mm).
  3. 30 stitches per row, garter stitch.
  4. Complete the marathon in under 6 hours.
  5. Beat the 2.05 meter length.
There are also several requirements which in some ways may prove more difficult than knitting while running.
  1. Videotape the entire attempt.
  2. Witnesses present the whole time.
  3. Official to measure the final length of scarf and number of stitches.
I need your help to make the record official!