no tools = no memories

knitting a long scarf without tools
in honor of those
getting along in life without memories

You can still make a donation to help end Alzheimer's.
I am actively fundraising through my current events.


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I ran the Kansas City Half Marathon while finger knitting!

The half marathon finger knit scarf
Julie Babcock

On October 18th I beat my personal race record with a time of 1:44:19 (1 hour, 44 minutes, and 19 seconds). This beats my non-knitting personal record time for the half! It was a great race and good preparation for my NYC marathon two weeks later. Special thanks to the Kansas City Sporting Commission and their support for this year's race and my Guinness World Record last year.

Read the details about the race in my blog post here:

Kansas City Half Marathon Finger Knitting 2014

Read the feature on the Kansas City Marathon Website here:

Guinness World Record Marathon Knitter Returns In 2014

The Goal for the KC Half Marathon:


No knitting needles, no crochet hooks, no tools. I won't be running with scissors this time.

This is in preparation for my NYC run where security restrictions limit the use of anything remotely resembling a weapon.

You may have heard of finger knitting, but this will be different. Common finger knitting uses four fingers of one hand like a knitting loom. I will be using my fingers more like knitting needles with anywhere from 10 to 16 stitches across.

Finger Needles!

Yes, I can totally teach you how to do this. Check out this video tutorial playlist on my Youtube Channel. It works really well and, I believe, may be easier for those learning to knit as it provides a more tactile and direct, unmediated, interaction with what makes the knit stitches.

Doing Without

I forgot my knitting needles and I am looking kind of out of place on the street. Does this sound like early dementia? In my favor are studies that show exercise and activities that engage the hands and pattern thinking help with brain health. Whether it is your own health that you are protecting or watching over your loved ones as they age; the threat of Alzheimer's Disease affects all of us. Please don't wait to be directly affected. I hope that my activities will help people focus on Alzheimer's research and care and support for those affected and their caregivers. Charity events and fundraisers are a way to remind you to contribute a small amount to something that you know matters.


Check out my blog to see some of my experiments and training. Are you going to be running the KC Half? I'd love company. You could knit with me or talk with me about your Alzheimer's story. I am hoping to finish in just under 2 hours time. Look for me in the race and cheer, it makes a huge difference. You can also show solidarity by knitting while you wait for me to pass by. And don't forget to donate.