Do Not Staple: Knitting Marathon - About David

I am attempting to break the Guinness World Record for, "longest scarf knit whilst running a marathon".

I will make the attempt at the Kansas City Marathon October 19th, 2013.

I need your help. -David

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About David

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David C. Babcock is 41 years old. He is a husband of 17 years and father of 4 young children. Mr. Babcock is a Tenured Associate Professor of Graphic Design at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg Missouri. He also does some contract work for Hallmark in Kansas City.

Yarn Crafts

He loves to make things and is always ready to learn a new craft or skill. He first started yarn crafts with crochet hats February 2010 to keep his newly close-shorn head warm. Crochet lead to the discovery of amigurumi toymaking which remains his favorite yarn craft. Learning to knit came a year later in September 2011 as means to improve hat-making. You can see some of David's work on his blog:


David started exercising in earnest at age 38 after recognizing the toll of pending middle age on his body. Running helped him drop 11% of his body weight and relieved symptoms of asthma and seasonal allergies. David found that running in minimal shoes helped minimize knee stress and allowed for a smoother running gait.


With less bounce while running it is possible to drink and do other things while running. He first tried crochet toys but the small scale and ever-changing stitch count proved impractical. David found that knitting worked better. After many experiments he settled into making small nylon bags with circular needles. It takes a lot of time to do distance running and it takes time to knit. By putting the two activities together the time passes easier for both activities. It takes his mind off of the endless miles and makes knitting an active pursuit. David wondered if other people were as crazy as he was and soon found Susie Hewer's blog.

The Marathon

David made a goal to run his first Marathon by age 40. He ran his first half marathon at age 39 and loved it. At 40 years old he ran the Kansas City Marathon in just under 4 hours. It wasn't easy and he thought he was done. The next year family members were interested in running and convinced him to run again. A slower, family-friendly pace seemed like a perfect excuse to try a knitting marathon.